Auto-Responder Misery

November 12, 2017 Word Press Morris

I was kinda thinking about the fact that I have between my present website (this one) and previous websites, over 15,000 subscribers! But besides publishing new posts and relying on the hope that they will come back and read the new article there is really no way to communicate with them.

I asked this question on-line and just about all of the answers I received were to use an auto-responder. Well let me tell you I did my research and chose a famously well known service (which I will not name here) that allows 2000 subscribers for free. After that many you have to pay for an upgrade to allow me to add more.

I figured this is a good deal, because after I make a few sales of my products I could afford the upgrade, right? So I joined and logged into my users dashboard.

It was not easy as it was advertised to figure out what I was supposed to do here. I finally figured out that the first thing to do was create a list. For this I could add names and addresses manually or upload a CSV file

Knowing that it would take me days to look up all of my subscribers info and adding them to my list, I decided to make a CSV file and add them all at once. This is really difficult to do, but after about 8 or 9 hours of work I finally had it ready to upload to my auto-responder service.

And "Viola" my hard work paid off and my list was updated with over 1,000 subs. Now I thought all I had to do was send a letter and I would be on my way to success. Not! I had already constructed a good e-mail and was ready to send it and now I needed to make a template to present my words to my users.

Making a template was very hard to do and took me hours to accomplish. Finally I came up with one that was not very good but better than nothing and proceeded to send my first broadcast.

I sent one to a friend just so I could see what my subscribers saw. Well it looked pretty good, considering it was my first try, but to my utter disappointment the link to my offer did not work.

My service sent me an e-mail telling that my list was blocked and my account was paused because I got a 0.83 percent spam reported. This comes out to about 12 people that it the spam button. And the reason that they did this is probably because the link did not work.

Look, I have done it myself, when you read an e-mail all the way through and you kinda liked what you read and you click the link to find out more, and boom, nothing. And sometimes you just say, "well it must be spam I hate spam" I deleted my account and now I am going to try a new plugin for wordpress that will allow you to e-mail just like an auto-responder right from your wordpress dashboard.

I will let you know how it works out