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2009 and my first Computer

In 2009 I was injured (long story) and I received a small settlement, enough to give me a little extra money to play with. So, since I was going to do nothing but sit around on my you know what, for about the next year, I decided to buy a computer.


After doing some research I ended up purchasing a nice one for a real good price. Smart.


We already had cable TV installed in our house and I added inter-net service to our plan. It was the only choice in our town back then. My computer package came with everything, 13″ color monitor, keyboard and mouse, and the desktop unit itself. I hooked everything up in short order and I was live on-line!


Now I was surfing around and was amazed and impressed at the sheer mass of knowledge and information that was out there The first day and night of being on the “web” was just time spent looking at it all. What I discovered right away was pop ups. Cable TV connections to the web was the only game in town and hackers knew it was. Pop Up Ads were the curse of the cable inter-net world.  But any way my connection was pretty fast and I just got used to clicking on the x and resumed surfing.


Now, during the evening of my second day I discovered Traffic ExchangesI was surfing around and I found this Traffic Exchange, ( I won’t name it here) and I signed up, because it was free, and began using the sites main feature which was surfing. I’m pretty sure it was their first night open and they had a lot of problems with the program. But I was hooked, I would spend hours till late in the morning dark mindlessly surfing and looking at all the ads. Then I finally realized that I could add my own site to the rotation.


But I didn’t have a site to add, and I wondered, “what can I do to get into the act”. So searching for a way to make my own website I discovered Beep.comThey are based in Germany, but everything can be done in English so no problem. It took a little while trying to learn the page builder, but soon I was creating a website for the survival niche. In the end it looked real good. It was filled with a lot of content and even included some personal survival experiences. I filled the pages with affiliate link ads and enjoyed some small success. After a while I grew tired of the look of my site and decided to try some different free site builders.


There are quite a few good choices out there so I started trying some of them out. First I joined the free WIX page builder, but I found it clumsy and kinda unintuitive. Not that I have nothing against WIX, I know that lots of people use it and are quite happy, it’s just not for me. Next up was WebstartsI used this free site and constructed a couple of real nice squeeze pages where I advertised my product, so back I went to the Traffic Exchanges and joined many more and began pushing my squeeze page hard.


There are more free web builders to choose from and I personally tried many of them. But none of them really hit it off with me. I had thought that I had  run the gauntlet of the website building world and I thought, why is this not working out like ti’s supposed to?  One thing I noticed was that all of these created free pages had one thing in common. Branding. Every page you build with the sweat of your brow has their link at the bottom of the page advertising their site! And I thought, it just doesn’t look professional.


When surfing the Traffic Exchanges you begin to notice that the really great looking website advertising page (or landing page) as it is called, all have one dramatic thing in common. At the bottom of the page is their own copyright and website link. Now these pages look like the kind of pages that are really going to generate some subscribers and income. Now I finally knew that to be able to control my own site to that extent I needed to own a domain name, but even if I did, what could I, a still pretty much unskilled web designer, do?


And then… I had my epiphany moment.

Word Press!


Holy crap!, I thought to myself, why didn’t I do this a long time ago?


After purchasing a domain and a hosting account I really started to dig in heart and mind designing word press websites. Word Press is by far the best content management system anywhere and has virtually limitless capabilities. With it you can have complete control over the look, content, links, and most important thing of all Branding. This is where you let the whole world know that you have a presence on-line. Build a website, make beautiful, fill it with good content and you will get noticed. And use word press like I do. I currently have seven completely different and absolutely beautiful Word Press websites and have well over five figures subscribers. Check out this sample of one of my sitesawesome. I love Word Press and I will continue to build websites as I have since 2009 and if I ever find anything better than word press I will let you know, but don’t hold your breath

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